It’s hard to take photos of yourself.

lol hiding my maskne with my kindle #justcovidthings

Hi I’m Meg

I am Colorado parks & picnic lifestyle blogger with a PhD in Aerospace Engineering.

Using this website to keep track of the best picnic spots in Colorado along with picnic recipes and tips.

There was this one time I was walking through the arboretum at my university and I saw this lady and her young daughter set out a picnic blanket by the lake near the baby ducklings and I thought it was the loveliest thing in the world and I decided I want that in my life.

I chose the name “Picnic Punk” because alliteration and also because the picnic aesthetic tends to be super floral and pastel but I wear black mostly…not a true punk so maybe more like a picnic punk poser lol

This is a Picnic Blog