Ketring Park – Littleton Colorado

This is my review of Ketring Park near Downtown Littleton as part of my search for the best picnic spots in Colorado πŸ™‚

This lake is nice to walk around and there are tons of ducks that were swimming around in circles (in the video at the end of this post). It was kind of strange because there were multiple groups of ducks doing this in separate circles
There is a huge open space with a few benches around the trail and at least 4 tables with shade. I really like how these trees look in autumn/winter (like a bit spooky/dead?)
It was a little windy the day we picniced but the trees helped protect us

Picnic Rating – 24/30

Parking + restrooms4/5 β€“ A good sized lot with plenty of empty spaces even with a lot of people at the park. No actual restrooms, however the park is right next to the Littleton Museum and you can go in and ask to use the restroom if they’re open (they’re closed Sunday and Monday but open 9 am -3 pm Tuesday-Saturday). Also somewhat close to the library (just have to cross the street)

Benches + tables: 5/5 β€“ At least 4 tables in this large grassy area and plenty of benches along the walking path and near the lake.

Flat soft ground:Β 5/5 – A lot of flat ground! And the trees are tall enough to extend shade pretty far. Be careful where you step (because goose poop)

Shady spots4/5 β€“ The tables are under trees and there’s plenty of flat spots of grass under trees as well. Although it wasn’t terribly sunny when we visited so this rating may be different in the summer.

Isolated3/5 β€“ A lot of people walking around, sitting by the lake, and mostly wearing masks. They’re easy to avoid and sit far away from!

Scenic3/5 β€“ The lake is nice but the picnic area is mostly just a large plot of grass with some tall trees.

Mimosas and bagels and avocado and coffee
There’s a little animal farm in the park
Chickens! They’re fun to watch
There were a lot of people walking around and taking pictures by this lake and preparing their tripods around 4:30 pm (possibly for sunset?)

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