Washington Park – Denver Colorado

This is my review of Washington Park in Downtown Denver, as part of my quest to find the best picnic spots in Colorado πŸ™‚

There is a sidewalk all around the lake with a lot of people walking their dogs
A lot of young people having picnics – you have to find a spot far enough from the people but also far enough from the lake so that the gnats that hang around the water don’t pester you
People playing catch and frisbee and whatnot. You may get a tiny bit worried about them hitting you with the ball depending on how close they are.

Picnic Rating – 18/30

Parking + restrooms:Β 3/5 – Some roadside parking even while it was pretty crowded, and a pretty large lot – this was around afternoon. Parking map below. Did not see actual restrooms – just a bunch of portapotties and I wasn’t sure if they’re a permanent part of the park or were from an event?

Benches + tables:Β 3/5 – I think I saw an area with tables near the portapotties and basketball courts and trash cans – but I tend to not like tables in these kinds of areas. There are benches along the trail/sidewalk.

Flat soft ground:Β 5/5 – A lot of flat ground – just make sure to find a spot a bit further from the lake because mosquitos like to linger around it. Has that marshy quality.

Shady spots3/5 β€“ There are trees so there’s shade but those spots tend to be taken. Picnic-ing while slightly overcast is probably ideal.

Isolated:Β 1/5 – So crowded. And people without masks playing games too close to you and some of them smell skunky. There was enough space to lay down a blanket away from people – but you can’t control if the people pass by close to you once you’re already settled.

Scenic3/5 β€“ Usually give lakes a 3 rating by default since they’re nice to look at and it’s fun watching ducks. But it’s also fun watching people (and if you consider humans as part of nature it’s kind of scenic?)

It was alright – not my favorite park. Probably nice if you live in Denver but I do prefer more nature less people type spots. Had some cinnamon rolls, cookies, and tea on the picnic (not pictured). Footage of the park + ducks below:

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