Chocolate Chip Cookies – Flowchart Recipe

This is my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe – using both brown sugar and white sugar and only baking soda (not baking powder) makes sure the cookies aren’t too cakey.

You can save this picture to your phone and have the full recipe on one screen πŸ™‚

Lay out your ingredients – if you take the butter out early it will soften enough to mix with the sugar into a paste. While you’re waiting for the butter to soften/melt, heat up some water to mix with the baking soda.

Also if your brown sugar has been in the cupboard too long make sure you get out any clumps first before mixing with the butter.

Mix everything together – but I like to do the flour a bit at a time (in the amounts I have listed in the flowchart). It’s easier and avoid random clumps of flour that aren’t integrated thoroughly.

For the vegan option: I add the egg+butter replacement (I use coconut oil and almond milk) at the beginning when butter would be mixed with sugar. It ends up not very paste-like and more liquidy but gets a better texture once you add flour. When you add the flour a little bit at a time you can adjust the amount to make sure the texture is right.

Before adding in the chocolate chips I like to add cinnamon πŸ™‚ I added a bit of nutmeg to this batch too (just a sprinkle)

I also like to use a combo of regular + white chocolate chips.

Also I think parchment paper makes the cookies cook evenly or cleanly maybe but I never have it around so it’s fine to just place spoonfuls directly on the tray.

Pretty good dessert to make and pack for a picnic πŸ™‚ the dough lasts in the fridge for a few days and is nice to have around for when you’re working from home and just want one single cookie in the afternoon.

(except if you make the vegan version its better to bake the entire batch of dough at once because if you use coconut oil the dough hardens in the fridge but the baked cookies last a while)

Comment below if you try the recipe or have any thoughts on the baking science/ingredients/method I’ve listed here! This just happens to be the best combination I’ve figured out over trying various recipes.

4 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Cookies – Flowchart Recipe

  1. I learned chocolate chip cookies from watching my mom as a kid… I think her recipe was just the one from the back of the Nestle Toll House bag. It’s approximately equal to your recipe times 2, but slightly less sugar, vanilla, and salt. I think the secret to good chocolate chip cookies is recognizing exactly when to take them out of the oven.

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