Jackass Hill Park – Littleton Colorado

This is my review of Jackass Hill Park in Littleton as part of my search for the best picnic spots (and sunset views) in Colorado πŸ™‚ Warning: the picnic rating seems low based on my own criteria but it’s still one of my favorites so far

Jackass Hill Park - Littleton Colorado
View as you approach the top of the hill
Jackass Hill Park - Littleton Colorado
There seems to be some trails leading up to the hill however I drove and parked at Dry Creek Road (shown here) where there is plenty of residential road side parking. Pretty moon views this evening too

Supposedly the name is based on a guy raising a bunch of mules on the side of the road to sell during one of the wars but then the war ended and he had all these mules and they ended up just dying there? And then someone decided jackass and mule were synonymous. Idk that was according to a local news site but it might be an urban myth.

Jackass Hill Park - Littleton Colorado
You can see all of this west side of Littleton and the mountains. Definitely one of the prettiest sunsets I’ve seen in my life which is saying a lot since I’ve seen sunsets in Hawaii and the Grand Canyon among other places (I think the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona was one of my favorite sunset locations)

I actually visited this park on two different evenings so this post will have photos from two different sunsets.

Picnic Rating – 19/30 ; Sunset Rating – 5/5

Parking + restrooms3/5 – Some roadside parking near houses definitely available but no restrooms.

Benches + tables: 1/5 – I did not see any but I also only spent time at the hill portion. From the park website though, it doesn’t seem like there are really any amenities. It’s mostly just a cool hill with some walking trails in a residential area.

Flat soft ground5/5 – A lot of flat ground and some mild inclines that are in the shade. Since it’s a lake shore the ground is mostly sand/small rocks but still comfortable for a blanket.

Shady spots2/5 – I mean there’s no shade at all but I don’t really see why you would picnic here until late afternoon/evening when it’s about time for sunset. Maybe if you just want some mountain views but the sun isn’t really a problem later in the day anyway so 2/5 instead of 1/5.

Isolated3/5 – At least 5-7 other families/groups on each of the days I went. People just pass through and its definitely not that quiet if there are people talking near you. But it’s fine because people walk their dogs and they’re fun to watch.

Scenic5/5 – Super pretty during sunset! It’s a wide open area with very little obstruction of the view. Everything else about the park is rather plain but the mountain view is great.


Sunsets: 5/5 – The best sunset spot I’ve found in this part of Colorado so far – the other being Daniels Park. Great view of the town and the mountains.

Jackass Hill Park - Littleton Colorado
Photo from the second day I went to see the sunset. Looked like the mountains were on fire.

As I was leaving work I noticed that the smoke was making the sky especially orange and decided to visit the park a second time that week to see how it changed the views.

Jackass Hill Park - Littleton Colorado
Jackass Hill Park - Littleton Colorado - Corgi watching the sunset
There was a guy with his two dogs there trying to get pictures of them with the sunset. This one came by and said hi to me.

LOL there’s footage of the dog coming up to me to say hi in the video at the end of this post.

Jackass Hill Park - Littleton Colorado
I only heard about this park on Reddit in the Littleton subreddit – someone recommended it as a good sunset spot and they were right! Perfect if you wanted to take a date to see the sunset. Or take yourself to see the sunset.
Jackass Hill Park - Littleton Colorado
Still super pretty later in the evening past sunset.

Kind of underrated and I didn’t really notice it on too many lists of “Great sunset viewing places near Denver”. Definitely recommend!

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