Harriman Lake – Littleton Colorado

Here is my review of Harriman Lake Park in Littleton as part of my search for the best picnic spots in Colorado ๐Ÿ™‚

Harriman Lake – view from the trail as you enter from parking lot

So if you take the trail from the parking lot to the south of the lake (go left) then there will be at least 2 picnic tables. These were listed on their website but I wanted to find a better ground spot to spread out my blanket.

One of the 2 picnic tables at the south side of the lake.
Found a spot on the south of the lake near the trees, This was around noon but lost shade around 3 pm. Cinnamon rolls and peaches ๐Ÿ™‚ Packing cinnamon rolls for a picnic usually means the icing will harden onto the rolls but still good!

Picnic Rating โ€“ 22/30

Parking + restrooms3/5 – Parking definitely available but no restrooms. This is more like a wildlife reserve and they’re trying to prevent humans from leaving trash and messing it up.

Benches + tables: 4/5 – There are a few benches and at least 2 picnic tables at the south side of the lake – as mentioned earlier. The park website used the wildlife reserve description as a reason for fewer tables.

Flat soft ground5/5 – A lot of flat ground and some mild inclines that are in the shade. Since it’s a lake shore the ground is mostly sand/small rocks but still comfortable for a blanket.

Shady spots3/5 – Several shady spots under trees (will post a photo example of this below). I picked one on the south east side around noon but since the trees were behind me and the sun was moving west – my spot lost shade around 3 pm and it got hot. The shady spots on the south west side stayed pretty shady consistently but were more incliney and I wasn’t planning to stay too long.

Isolated3/5 – Many families on walks and one claimed the picnic table pictured above soon after I chose my spot. I did see a tiny bit of green glass and a cigarette butt near my spot which was upsetting – means my spot was a commonly used one possibly. Several people came up to the lake side in front of me to take photos. Could eavesdrop on them pretty easily.

Scenic4/5 – Definitely pretty! It’s just a lake but I like that there’s a mountain view too. Also a lot of ducks and other cool birds. Some footage of the birds are in the video I took (embedded below)

My shady spot vs the other more inclined shady spots on the South West side. Might get more shade than the north side due to the position of the sun.
I’ve been eating a lot of cinnamon rolls recently. I get those cylinder packs from the butter section of the grocery store and then just keep them around in my fridge for an afternoon snack. Also have been buying peaches recently. Still reading 100 years of solitude.

Here is something I bring on all my picnics that was very useful this time:

Because my Kindle was about to die and I had forgotten to charge it before coming to the park.

Anker Power Bank + Charger: https://www.amazon.com/Anker-PowerCore-Portable-Charger-Foldable/dp/B01K702S66

It plugs directly into outlets and you can use it like a normal wall charger – but when you don’t have it charging a phone it charges itself and you can use it like a portable power bank. It has multiple usb ports so you can use different cords and charge multiple things at the same time (like your Kindle and your phone).

Important if you plan on staying out for a bit and don’t want to worry about your electronics dying (since there aren’t usually outlets near the best picnic spots).

Hopefully one day this blog gets to the point where it has enough readers and I can ask amazon to give me affiliate links lol

Super peaceful park. Would recommend! There was a family from the north side of the lake who walked down to this side and the kid said “Can we relocate to this area? It’s shady down here” – so I think I picked the best spot. Probably cooler and shadier in the morning though.

Harriman Lake - Best Picnic Spots in Colorado - Picnic Punk

9 thoughts on “Harriman Lake – Littleton Colorado

    1. I wasn’t really able to hear the highway (it’s like an exit from the highway onto a busy road). The sound of cars is pretty faint. They say that the ” amenities are intentionally limited to help maintain the natural integrity of the park” so it makes sense that they wouldn’t include toilets.

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      1. good to know about the car noise. well, people have a natural habit to need to rid themselves of their bodily waste and i guess a bush or tree will have to used. lol i think their reason is just BS as i see them not wishing to spend $$ on simple toilet facilities or they really do not want any visitors. lol

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