Sterne Park – Littleton Colorado

This is my review of Sterne Park near downtown Littleton in Colorado (it’s a suburb of Denver) in terms of picnic-worthiness. Part of my eternal search to find and rate the best picnic spots in Colorado! (Spoilers: this is the best one so far)

This time I invited some friends to have a picnic with me πŸ™‚

Geese and Ducks! Look how cute they are all in a line.

Plenty of parking near the playground and extra parking on the other side of the park (where the pond is). There are picnic tables on both sides and also several in the shade on the rose garden side.

Tried to find a table that had consistent shade but later in the afternoon it got pretty sunny and we relocated to under the tree using a blanket.
Map of Picnic Spots at Sterne Park – the tree mentioned above is also good for climbing. Example below:
We all took turns climbing this tree. I’m pretty short though and kind of struggled. Responsible kid energy – hanging from trees in parks but also paying taxes that fund those parks

I brought peaches, strawberries, coffee, and cucumber sandwiches πŸ™‚ Made them vegan by not adding cream cheese (just using the vegan mayo + other ingredients in that recipe)

My friend (whose hand was featured at Sand Creek Park) brought ingredients for mimosas + blueberries. The cups/plates/silverware/napkins were all part of my picnic backpack (the one with the blanket) that I bring on each one of these trips. Comes with a dining set for 4 people (there were 3 of us). I can make a post on it later if anyone is interested in purchasing one.

Picnic Rating – 27/30

Parking + restrooms5/5 – I think the restrooms might have been locked (or someone was using them when my friend went to try using them). But they were there! (you can see the building in the last photo on this post – its next to the playground). And there is plenty of parking in the lot next to the playground and I think there’s also a lot near the “event area” (for birthday parties and such)

Benches + tables: 5/5 – Several benches and plenty of picnic tables. There are a few on the playground side and a few on the pond side and several more in the “event area” which was under a structure for shade (you can see it across the pond in that first picture). Plenty of trash cans.

Flat soft ground5/5 – A ton of grass under trees – and pretty even flat ground. Just beware the goose poop when you sit closer to the lake side.

Shady spots5/5 – Plenty of shady spots under trees for laying out a blanket. A few of the tables have even consistent shade but the tables with the best view have spotty shade. Still great.

Isolated3/5 – Some family had taken over the best shady tree spot by the lake when we first arrived and there were several people walking through the park or hanging out in the larger table structure near the bathrooms but overall very quiet and not disruptive. The family left eventually and we claimed the best spot for ourselves.

Scenic4/5 – while it is just a neighborhood park – the lake & greenery surrounding it are quite pretty. Also fun to watch the ducks. So peaceful!

mmm coffee. Brought a large carafe of coffee and told people to bring their own cups.
lol basic girl posing next to sunflowers (or a weed that looks like sunflower – egads! an impostor!)

Based on this rating – it is the best park I have visited so far in Colorado for picnics! Has enough infrastructure for larger groups and is still peaceful for smaller groups or on your own πŸ™‚

The main reason I created this blog was because I wished there were proper details online on how good specific parks were for picnics. There is surprisingly very little information on these kinds of traits that I use in my rating system. Hopefully anyone who lives in the area could find this and take advantage.

(Fellow Coloradans – join me in going on more picnics and then sharing your insight with me!)

lol that should be my campaign when I run for president. Picnics for America! (I also thought I would run on the campaign of “bidets for America” after that time I spent in the Singapore airport)

Sterne Park Best Picnic Spots in Colorado - Picnic Punk

13 thoughts on “Sterne Park – Littleton Colorado

  1. There are a lot of those weed y sunflowers growing wild in and around the freeways and empty fields in the area I live in southern California. They grow pretty much year-round here. That park does look like a nice place to go though. Well done.

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  2. Random story, something you wrote reminded me of that… there’s a big park about five miles from my house with a large pond (or maybe a small lake, I’m not sure what the size cutoff criterion is) (this is near my house now, not in “Jeromeville,” about 30 miles away). I was visiting my family once, telling about a time I was playing (football, soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, one of those games I’m no good at, I forget which) at that park with some friends and almost stepped in goose poop. My brother thought that was the funniest thing… not something normal like dog poop, but goose poop.

    About five years later, my family was visiting me here, and Mom said she wanted to go for a walk and asked if there was anywhere good for taking a walk. We went to that part and walked around the pond. My brother noticed the geese and their remnants on the ground and asked, “Is this where you were the time you almost stepped in goose poop?” I laughed, because (a) he still remembered that, and (b) yes it was.

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  3. I really like your beautiful blog. A pleasure to come stroll on your pages. A great discovery and a very interesting blog. I will come back to visit you. Do not hesitate to visit my universe. See you soon. πŸ™‚

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