How to make Cloth Napkins (super easy)

Hello! I bought a sewing machine last week and have been learning how to use it. Here is something easy you can make (that you can take on picnics/use at home instead of wasting paper napkins)

I made these using cotton “fat quarters” that I got from a quilting store. I thought the pattern was pretty cute and these two fabrics kind of matched.

I had no idea what fat quarters were before but supposedly they’re 18″ x 22″ pieces that make a quarter of a standard 1 yard x 44 inch fabric and they’re commonly used in quilting.

You can use 2 different patterns of fat quarters to make 4 napkins (these quarters are like $1-$3 each depending on how pretty you want the patterns to be). So I guess it cost $6 to make 4 napkins but that’s because I went to a quilting store in a rich-people neighborhood. Basic patterns are like $1 at Walmart.

Here is how I cut mine (which ended up actually being 19×22):

I just cut each of the fat quarters into quarters and then approximated the inner size by folding over the edges twice. If your fat quarters are actually 18×22 you would have to adjust these measurements. After you have these cut you can fold the larger pattern edges twice on all sides and then pin them – or at least hold them down while ironing them so you get some nice creases.

I have also tried folding and then approximating creases from just pressing down on the folds hard enough so using an iron or pins isn’t completely necessary. Just makes everything a bit neater. The creases help you figure out where to cut to make a nice corner:

Ok it’s not the prettiest-looking but its good enough. Much cuter than that other fold (in the iron pic)

Sew close to the edge and lift your foot on corners. This was practice for me so my stitches at the corners were a bit uneven. Also I had the tension setting wrong at the beginning. Napkins still work even with ugly stitching though!

(Might have been even cuter to make the napkins perfect squares but this pattern was expensive and it was easier to just get the quarters and I wanted to use them to their max potential.

Pretty easy sewing project if you’re learning! And then you can take the napkins on picnics with you or use them at your dining table. πŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “How to make Cloth Napkins (super easy)

  1. nice! isnt there some sort of tape/powder/glue that also could be used for the seams so one does not have to sew???

    “So I guess it cost $6 to make 4 napkins but that’s because I went to a quilting store in a rich-people neighborhood.” Lol “rich people”

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    1. Yeah I think there’s fabric glue and also a specific fabric bonding tape but I’ve never tested how those things last in the wash. That would probably be an easier solution if you don’t have a sewing machine but then the cost of just sewing it if you do have a sewing machine is pretty minimal.

      Haha yeah that quilting store was pricey

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