Mount Falcon Park – Morrison Colorado

This is my review of Mount Falcon Park in Colorado (in terms of picnic-worthiness)

Starting at the Morrison (East) trailhead and then following the Turkey trot trail (which is quite a bit more difficult than the Castle trail)

The table near the trail entrance does have a pretty good view of red rocks although I prefer more open spaces for picnicing. This would be good for staying in shade during peak sun.

I went on a Sunday afternoon and there were quite a bit of families there. Some people not wearing masks and some considerate enough to put on a mask as they saw another human approaching.

There are picnic spots at the end of that trail where it meets up with the other two but I found a good spot along the way to set up a blanket.

Mount Falcon Park – Picnic Rating – 21/30

Parking + restrooms5/5 (A whole lot for free parking and a building for restrooms and water fountain. I could imagine the lot getting full on weekend mornings though and having to find a spot along the side of the road to the lot.)

Benches + tables: 4/5 (There are picnic tables and benches near the entrance + restrooms and there was a picnic area mentioned on the map later on in the trail – did not investigate this though)

Flat soft ground: 3/5 (Difficult to find a truly flat soft area along the trail although I did include a screenshot of my location on the map where I found a spot with less dry pokey grass with a good view. There are spots on this specific trail with rocks you can sit on but the view gets better the further up you go)

Shady spots: 2/5 (There are trees but its more of a hiking trail and not a sit on the ground under a tree park – the picnic table at the entrance has shade)

Isolated: 2/5 (Very popular trail for families and all those outdoorsy Coloradans – including some non-mask-wearers). Was able to find a place slightly off the trail to set up my blanket.

Scenic: 5/5 (Probably the most scenic park I’ve visited on this blog so far)

I got a sandwich and iced tea at corner bakery on my way to the park.
What part of the trail looks like.

It got pretty windy and started hailing for about 5 minutes but the weather got better soon after. Packed up my stuff and hid under a small tree near my picnic spot. Decided to head back down soon after since I had already spent an hour or so there. Saw these deer on the way down πŸ™‚

Here’s some very short footage of the view from my picnic spot + the deer:

If you’re not afraid of a bit of a hike – I definitely recommend!

 Mount Falcon Park - the best picnic spots in Colorado - Picnic Punk

12 thoughts on “Mount Falcon Park – Morrison Colorado

  1. I’m so envious you saw 🦌 🦌 I did this hike a few months ago. I was exhausted! πŸ˜† Have you tried the West trailhead? It’s a cheat because you start at the top of Mt. Falcon, but flatter up there. Might be better for picnicking.

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