Apple Brie Fig – Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I pretty much eat this every week and often make a second sandwich after finishing the first because I love it so much.


– Bread
– Apple slices (thin)
– Double Creme Brie
– Fig spread
– Rosemary
– Cayenne

If you’re a bit of a wimp you can skip the Cayenne but I like to sprinkle just a little for the spicy sweet combo.

Try to slice your apple as thin as possible so that the sandwich isn’t bulky.

I happen to have a panini press but an alternative would be putting the brie on bread in the oven at like 400 F for 5 min or longer to melt the cheese and toast the bread before assembly.

This is one of my most used appliances (I make a lot of quesadillas too)

It’s a good snack. I’m a small lady and I usually need to make two for a meal. Satisfies part of my constant cheese craving.

Also I was a picky eater as a child but I’m sure I would have loved this.


This combo of ingredients also works well in crepes!

This particular crepe is a vegan recipe I’m trying out/trying to adjust ingredients for. (I mean vegan except for the contents)

I plan on posting my vegan + regular crepe recipe soon ~ stay tuned!

Apple Brie Fig Grilled Cheese Sandwich Picnic Punk

19 thoughts on “Apple Brie Fig – Grilled Cheese Sandwich

  1. Got me hungry now, but I can figure this one out since I too have a press, quite the beauty to eat my bread and food hot that obviously has nothing to do with what you make. I try my best to cookโ€ฆ. not going to become a great cook for sure. Looks delicious, now going to eat, if I get to fat itยดs your fault.

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