Cornerstone Park + Geneva Park – Littleton Colorado

This is my review of Cornerstone park and the nearby Geneva Park in Littleton Colorado (in terms of picnic-worthiness)

After making my sandwich (in the previous post) I set out for Cornerstone park:


There was one picnic bench near the parking lot and very limited shady spots under trees. I assume the locals play sports here which is why it’s so open and empty.

Cornerstone Park – Picnic Rating – 15/30

Parking + restrooms5/5 (TONS of free parking and a building for restrooms and water fountain)

Benches + tables: 3/5 (The picnic tables are near the restrooms and trash bins in the sun but they exist)

Flat soft ground: 4/5 (Plenty of flat ground in the sun – its like a park where kids play soccer

Shady spots: 1/5 (The trees are far apart on the edges of the park and there’s probably only 3 good spots – 2 of which were close together)

Isolated: 1/5 (Enough people even from a random Sunday afternoon at peak heat that all the few shady spots were taken)

Scenic: 1/5 (Average park where kids play sports or people may watch fireworks?)

LOL 15/30 looks generous. I was originally going to just say 1/5 and leave it at that.

The few shady spots had already been claimed by other picnic-goers so I googled other parks in the area and found …



Geneva Park – Picnic Rating – 25/30

Its a tiny little park (if it can even be counted as a park) next to the Arapahoe County Motor Vehicle office.

Parking + restrooms3/5 (Free parking with a lot of spots available – no restrooms)

Benches + tables: 5/5 (picnic tables and benches in shady areas near the water)

Flat soft ground: 5/5 (Plenty of flat ground in the grass but you also have the choice of inclines if you wish)

Shady spots: 5/5 (Plenty of trees means plenty of shade)

Isolated: 4/5 (There were a few people walking their dogs and one or two families. One or two people were reading under the trees far away from me)

Scenic: 3/5 (Average park but there’s water which is nice to look at)


There is a walking path around the lake which is nice and several people with dogs were using it.



lol thats me trying to look cool.

I thought the outfit looked a bit punk-ish? Matches the blog name? I printed my shirt myself a while back (a linoleum carving I did of a hot air balloon over the mountains)img_20200815_151526

Oh hey it’s that sandwich I just made a post about. Didn’t get too soggy (or I’m just not that picky/ate it soon after making it). I think it’s generally recommended to keep tomatoes un-assembled and to add them right before you eat. img_20200815_153539

Here’s a video of the park. Mostly just nature sounds (helped me fall asleep the other night haha)

It was a lovely afternoon.

If you happen to live in the area it’s a nice place to set out a blanket and sketch or read for a few hours. Not exceptionally beautiful and just an average park close to some county buildings + the police station.

Final sketch (not very accurate and mostly just an approximation):



How dumb would it be if I got the math wrong on some of these picnic ratings while having a PhD in engineering lolol It’s all the MATLAB ok?

9 thoughts on “Cornerstone Park + Geneva Park – Littleton Colorado

  1. This is a fun post. I enjoy reading your blog and the adventures you make out of something as simple as a picnic. There are so many wonders right around us – even in the middle of a pandemic. Thanks for the reminder!

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