How to make a Caramel Frappuccino

How to make a caramel frappuccino - easy homemade recipe - picnic punk

(I had to look up how to spell that)

I’m sure the sum of ingredients cost more than $5 but they make like 50 drinks instead of just paying $5 for each drink like you would at Starbucks (or pretty much any coffee shop because they’re all just as if not more expensive)

What you need:

  • ~1-2 cups ice
  • super strong coffee or 1 double shot espresso
  • almond milk (or milk)
  • 2 tsp white sugar
  • caramel sauce
  • ~1/16 – 1/8 tsp xanthan gum (optional)

Step 1: Make your espresso (or coffee)

Step 2: Get the ice out of the freezer and then be excited because it’s the exact amount left that you need for this recipe

Put your ice in first and then your espresso/coffee. I put enough ice to fill up almost to the 16 oz line – the coffee will end up melting some of your ice too.

I think it’s also usually recommended to not pour hot liquids into your blender immediately (does it crack the plastic?)

I also think I used more than an actual double shot amount because I don’t measure. It will still come out tasty if you don’t measure the coffee and ice.

Step 3: Pour enough of your almond milk to get the line up to slightly below 16 oz if you have measuring lines on your blender.

Or just add til it makes the color you like for coffee. Also add like two seconds worth of squeezing your caramel sauce in. The concept of writing a recipe with quantities based on time is amusing. “Add 2 squeezetime” – sqt for short lol

Step 4: The part you actually need to measure…

I listed 2 tsp sugar and 1/8 tsp of xanthan gum…it’s more like 1/16 tsp of xanthan gum. Like take your 1/4 tea-spoon and 1/4 that. If you’ve never used it before just do a teeny tiny amount, blend, and then see if you like the texture. The purpose of this is to thicken it and prevent it from separating into that slushy ice/water type of consistency.

I prefer only 2 tsp of sugar because the caramel adds sweetness anyway. Obviously you can change this.

Alternative if you don’t have xanthan gum (it’s like $10 for this large bag at Walmart so if you plan on making frappuccinos a lot I recommend just buying it):

Use can use powdered sugar instead of normal sugar and it helps make the consistency more frappuccino-like. Or you can use powdered and normal. I think it’s a good replacement. Would not recommend using powdered sugar AND xanthan gum because it will make it super thick.

Step 5: Blend and hope your neighbor doesn’t hate you

Sidenote: my apartment looks cute from the kitchen. Plants and string lights makes everything better.

Step 6: Sit on your balcony and drink this frappuccino you just made for way less than $5 while the birds squabble over the bird feeder behind you

It tastes better than the Starbucks one because it has the right amount of sweetness and I don’t feel my teeth decaying while I drink it. I know you can ask them for less pumps or whatever but also this is cheaper and I don’t have the leave the house and give the busy Starbucks workers even more work.IMG_20200815_101236.jpgYou should try it. The ingredients aren’t even very costly and it tastes the same. Also if you put it in a jar you can put the lid on the jar and take it with you on a picnic.Or opt for a thermos that has a straw hole – this $7 kind from Walmart is probably the best one I’ve ever used for controlling the temperature of hot and cold drinks. They usually have a bunch of color options when you go to the store to buy the other ingredients too. I’ll bring iced coffee in this to work and the ice is still the same size at the end of the day and has barely melted. It’s not leak proof at the top but I haven’t had any leaks because I normally don’t transport it upside down or sideways. ok guess you’re going to walmart to buy all these ingredients the next time you need to shop for stuff. (the caramel syrup can be found at any grocery store though) Also I made this table thing on my balcony so I can sit outside for my meals and it’s one of my best decisions. I can make a post soon about how to make one for yourself too if you have a balcony or patio 🙂 Let me know if that interests you!

7 thoughts on “How to make a Caramel Frappuccino

  1. I have thought about buying some xanthan gum as many keto recipes call for it but I end up using a keto sweetener like stevia. I might just try it as many of these products last for awhile as so little is called for with the recipe. Your pictures are good.

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    1. You should! I bought it January 2020 and my package lists a “best by date” of December 2021 (although I don’t really know how much it expires). I haven’t found that many uses for it other than frappuccinos but supposedly it’s a good gluten free substitute for things

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