Why you should go to the park after work

Because in elementary school we would try to convince the teacher to teach us outside since it was a nice day and they only acquiesced once.

And because if you have an office job you were probably stuck in a cold office staring at a computer all day while the sun and the birds were outside having a marvelous time.

Normally from 7-8 pm I would watch a few YouTube videos while scrolling mindlessly on my phone to avoid the idea of working extra even though it’s after work hours and I should stop working…

and then feel guilty for not doing anything productive because I didn’t get enough work done and I really should try to finish some things up.

This isn’t technically a picnic but I made a mango pineapple smoothie and brought it with me to a park nearby and brought a book and a blanket and I read for an hour

This also happens to be the time when kids are out playing sports, biking around, and surprising their moms with duck noises. And plenty of dogs taking their people on walks too

This park was in a residential area and I think it was my first time hearing an ice cream truck pass by in like …10 years.

You can hear the birds and the wind and smell the sprinklers and watch the sunset and read your book and it feels like several hours.

I usually complain about there not being enough time in the day after work is over but I guess I wasn’t consciously choosing activities that were slow and mindful.

Even though it’s been shown that slow and mindful activities equate to more overall happiness. That’s a topic for a different post though.

It’s like a mini vacation. You should try it.

I’m publishing this in the morning in the US so you have a chance to cancel any plans after work 🙂 and besides you shouldn’t be hanging out with other people anyway – there’s a pandemic!

12 thoughts on “Why you should go to the park after work

  1. I love parks too. A great place to catch the sunset in the evening. Midday is great as well. More employers should support the idea of visiting a park during the day. You return to your desk refreshed and in my opinion, more productive.

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