Daniels Park – Sedalia Colorado

This is my review of Daniels Park in Colorado (in terms of picnic-worthiness and other qualities).



Picnic Rating – 19/30

Parking + restrooms: 5/5 (available at the first parking lot)

Benches + tables: 4/5 (both benches and picnic tables available but slightly away from the view)

Flat soft ground: 1/5 (no good place to set up a blanket on the ground. This is explained later)

Shady spots: 3/5

Isolated: 1/5

Scenic: 5/5 (super pretty!)

Great for watching the sunrise or sunset. Also great for watching awkward teenage couples on dates.Β 


There are picnic benches available but without a great view. Lots of people arrive around an hour before sunset so may be hard to get a table. No good places to lay down a blanket near the view unless you’re willing to trespass over the fence (some people seemed willing to).


I bought this backpack on amazon that came with a blanket and utensils and is insulated for food. I took it out to the east-west trail which is pretty close to the park and laid down my blanket on some dry grass (not the comfiest).cropped-img_20200806_194434-1

Overall very pretty but not very conducive to picnic-blanket-sunset watching unless you’re willing to have dry stiff grass poke through your blanket. Would recommend visiting for other view/sunset watching activities!

Daniels Park Sedalia Colorado - Picnic Punk

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